Win Win W 430 Results 16-10-2017: Kerala Lottery Results Live

Win Win W 430 Results 16-10-2017: Kerala Lottery Results Live: The weekly lottery Win Win having the series code W-430 live result will be announced today on 16 October 2017. The draw of Win Win lottery is held on the very first day of the week Monday. Kerala State lottery Officers will declare the results of Win Win W-430 draw live on their official result portal of Kerala lottery by 4:00 pm. Kerala Lottery Results

Today Win Win W 430 Lottery 16-10-2017 Monday

The Kerala Lottery results will be live on Monday, that is today on 16 October. And this live result will include some vital intimations like the winners’ lottery serial numbers and districts of top 3 winners and the lottery series number of all small prize winners. The people who have bought the Win Win W-430 lottery tickets may have a lucky day today because thousands of people will win lottery prizes varying from ₹65 lakh to ₹100/-. Only one lucky winner will be able to grab the first prize worth of ₹6,500,000/-.

Today Win Win W 430 Lottery Results Live 16-10-2017

The live results of Win Win W-430 will be out today by 4:00 pm. The draw of this famous weekly lottery begins at 3:30 pm. You can check your result online on the official website of Kerala Lotteries. The Win Win W-430 lottery tickets were printed in 12 different series and each ticket had the price of ₹30/- only. So the people who have purchased Win Win W-430 tickets should pray to the God for their good luck.

Win-Win W-430 Lottery Prize Results

Win Win W-430 live result updates:

The winners of this lottery will win the prizes as follows and their serial numbers are:

1st Prize ₹6,500,000 /- (65 Lakh)  to one lucky winner.

Consolation Prize ₹10,000 /-

2nd Prize ₹200,000 /- (2 Lakh)

3rd Prize ₹100,000 /- (1 Lakh)

4th Prize ₹5,000 /-

5th Prize ₹2,000 /-

6th prize ₹1,000 /-

7th Prize ₹500 /-

8th Prize ₹100 /-

The Kerala lottery system is very transparent as the lottery draws are carried out by the programmed electronic machines. This use of technology in the lottery system has made the draw process very smooth. As you know the first prize winner of Win Win W-430 will get a glorious amount of 65 lakh rupees, one more life will be decorated by the Department of Kerala State Lottery.

The results of Win Win W-430 lottery draw will be announced live offline too at all the 14 district lottery agencies in the state. But there would be a huge rush and crowd which will make the situation inconvenient for everyone present there. So, it will be a good idea to seat at home or in office and watch the live updating of results on the web portal online. The result of Win Win W-430 will be updated by 4:00 pm online on 16 October 2017.

If the Win Win W-430 draw results are not updated after 4:00 pm then please have patience and keep refreshing the website until the live results are uploaded. There, check the results by matching the serial number mentioned in your ticket. If you get any of the prizes then feel lucky and say thanks to God and your Luck.

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