Today Win-Win W-429 Lottery Results 2-10-2017: Kerala Lottery Result Live

Today Win-Win W-429 Lottery Results 2-10-2017: Kerala Lottery Result Live: Win-Win Lottery is one of the seven weekly lotteries of Kerala State. The result of this lottery is going to be announced on 2-10-2017, that is, today. So those who are waiting to start their first day of the week with a bonus can check the result of Win-Win Lottery on the official website. Also, people can check the results by visiting the nearest authorized lottery agency. This lottery is drawn on every Monday of the week by Kerala Lottery Department.  The result of this Lottery is released on the official media portal of Kerala State Lottery at 4:00 pm. Kerala Lottery Results

Today Win Win W 429 Lottery 2-10-2017 Monday

The release of the tickets will begin at 3:00 PM and it can be purchased from the authorized stores and the official portal. All those people who have purchased the official Win-Win lottery ticket for 2-10-2017 with the code W-429 may check the result at 4:00 PM.

today win win lottery 2-10-2017

The prize for this lottery ticket is just ₹ 30 only (including GST) but its winning prize is a very big figure. The winner of Win-Win (W-429) Lottery will get ₹ 65 lakhs. So if you want to try your fate in this lottery just buy a ticket of ₹ 30 and wait for the results. The result will begin to upload from 3:30 PM onwards and the final results will be published at 4:00 PM.

Win-Win (W-429) Lottery Prize Results

The prize details of Win-Win (W-429) Lottery are given below:

1st Prize ₹6,500,000 /- (65 Lakh)

Consolation Prize  ₹10,000 /-

2nd Prize ₹200,000 /- (2 Lakh)

3nd Prize ₹100,000 /- (1 Lakh)

4th Prize ₹5,000 /-

5th Prize ₹2,000 /-

6th prize ₹1,000 /-

7th Prize ₹500 /-

8th Prize ₹100 /

As we can see that the lucky winner of Win-Win (W-429) will get a huge amount of ₹ 65 lakhs and the consolation prize for this lottery is ₹ 10, 000/-. If you want to take part in this draw then just purchase a lottery ticket and try your luck. And if your luck hits the gold then you will be awarded an amount of ₹ 65 lakhs. But if you don’t get the first prize still there is no need to worry because the other prizes of Win-Win (W-429) are also worth competing.

Steps to Check the Result of Win-Win (W-429) Lottery Online and Offline:

If you have taken part in the Win-Win Lottery and still don’t know how to check the results, then follow the steps which are given below:

  1. If you want to check the result online, go to ‘Kerala State Lottery Department ‘ result portal.
  2. Then, check the Win-Win (W-429) Lottery tickets update notifications there.
  3. After that assure the Win-Win (W-429)  Lottery result by checking the exact date and series given in the lottery ticket.
  4.   But if you want to check the results for this lottery offline, you can visit the nearest government lottery agency or any authorized lottery ticket selling shop.

As today is Gandhi Jayanti, so there is a gazetted holiday and people must be eagerly waiting only for the Win-Win W-429 results. The prize of this lottery will give people a chance to turn their Monday into a fantastic day. All those people who will win the today’s Kerala Lottery prize money can claim their prize money by submitting the lottery ticket to the gazetted officers of Kerala to claim the prize money which they have won.

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