Today Akshaya AK 323 Live Result 13-12-2017: Kerala Lottery Results

Today Akshaya AK 323 Live Result 13-12-2017: Kerala Lottery Results: The results of the today’s weekly lottery Akshaya AK 323 are going to be announced today on 13th December 2017 from 3:00 PM onwards. Akshaya lottery is one of the most popular lottery in the Kerala Lottery Department and is one of the parts of the weekly lotteries that are released every day of the week. The Akshaya Lottery is released on every Wednesday and this week, it will be released with the code Akshaya AK 323 lottery. Therefore, the result will also begin to publish after 3:00 pm and completely updated by 4:00 pm. Today Kerala Lottery Result will be live online and offline on all websites and lottery offices. Kerala Lottery Results

Scroll Down the Web Page to check live results of Akshaya AK 323 Lottery. Today Kerala Lottery Results are live for The Very Famous Akshaya AK lottery.

Today Akshaya AK 323 Lottery 13-12-2017 Wednesday

Live and absolute results of Akshaya AK 323 draw are unconcealed below. If you don’t see the results then please have patience and wait for the results to be uploaded. Usually, the complete result’s unconcealed by 4:00 pm daily. However, a little delay can be encountered due to some technical faults or any different reason. So, please wait and refresh the webpage after some time. However, the result can begin to be issued by 3:00 pm at a similar time with the draw.

Today Akshaya AK 323 Live Result 13-12-2017: Kerala Lottery Results

Akshaya AK 323 Lottery Winners & Prize Details

The winners of this lottery will win the prizes as follows:

1st Prize – ₹5,000,000 /- (50 Lakh)


Consolation Prize – ₹10,000 /-


2nd Prize – ₹200,000 /- (2 Lakh)


3rd Prize – ₹100,000 /- (1 Lakh)


4th Prize – ₹5,000 /-


5th Prize – ₹2,000 /-


6th prize – ₹1000/-


7th Prize – ₹500 /-


8th Prize – ₹100 /-


As mentioned already, an enormous quantity of ₹5,000,000 is going to incline thereto one lucky winner whose ticket’s serial choice can match the drawn choice. in conjunction with this, a consolation prize of ₹10,000/- is in addition set and it’ll incline to those eleven persons whose last numerical codes matches the drawn price tag choice.

The results of Akshaya AK-323 lottery draw live results is accessible offline too within the least varied fourteen Government approved lottery agencies. However, there’ll be a colossal haste and rush over there which may make the condition inconvenient for everybody to stand there. So, the most effective way of apprehending the live results of Akshaya AK-323 is that reside your home or work and check the results online on your mobile, P.C. or laptop.

Remember, the result’s getable online on all result websites once 4:00 pm. And put together on all mobile applications and live YouTube channels. All the best to everyone who have purchased the tickets of the Akshaya AK 323 lottery.

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