Sthree Sakthi SS 158 Lottery Result: 21-05-2019 Live Kerala Lottery Result

Sthree Sakthi SS 158 Lottery Result: 21-05-2019 Live Kerala Lottery Result: Sthree Shakthi as the name suggests was an initiative taken by the Kerala government to support women empowerment. It is drawn on every Tuesday of the week. It was conducted for the first time on 03.04.2014 at Sri Chitra Home auditorium, Thiruvanathapuram. Prize offered to the winner amounts to Rs 1,00,00,000. Second prize of five lakh each is given to the 5 ticket owners of the same ticket number falling in different series. 1 lakh is offered as third prize to the two ticket owners having same ticket number falling in different series.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery Live Result

Each ticket is priced at INR 50 and these lottery tickets were released in 5 series with the first letter starting with “S”. 12 series numbers are – SA, SB, SC, SD, SE, SF, SG, SH, SJ, SK, SL and SM. There are total of 1,08,00,000 tickets and May 2018 onwards, ticket’s price was reduced to INR 30.

As per the latest RTI information, Kerala government has currently more than hundreds of crores Rupees as unclaimed prize. Hence we would advise you to take check of the ticket number and lottery results and make a claim timely. As per the guidelines, you are required to claim the prize money within 30 days of the draw. Also do not assume that tax would be exempted, as per the prevailing rules and regulations, income tax would be levied.

Sthree Sakthi SS 158 Lottery Result

1st Prize- 
Rs :6,000,000/-

Consolation Prize- 
Rs. 8,000/-

2nd Prize- 
Rs :1,000,000/-

3rd Prize- 

Rs. 5,000/-

4th Prize- 
Rs. 2,000/-

5th Prize-
Rs. 1,000/-

6th Prize- 
Rs. 500/-

7th Prize-
Rs. 200/-

8th Prize- 
Rs. 100/-

Final amount paid to the winner:

Winner might assume that they will get full amount as the prize money while such is not a case, there are two types of deduction:

  1. 10% which is deducted as the agency commission
  2. 30% of the amount once agency commission has been deducted in lieu of Income tax

In case the winning amount is more than 1 crore even after the above mentioned deduction, then surcharge of 12% is levied as the income tax.

Kerala Lotteries has changed the fortune of many people and this is the reason why it has been a success story. Kerala government is providing weekly lotteries and one can get these lotteries easily from a nearby lottery agency or from individual ridden seller. Also the result is drawn daily by the Kerala Lottery department around 3.30 PM.

You may either verify the results by the one which is mentioned in the official Kerala website- or through the reports published in newspaper next day. Before submitting the claim, participants are also requested to verify their results in the gazette.

Probability of winning a lottery:

One might be thinking about the odds of winning this first prize. Well if we take a look at the overall picture, then chances of winning a prize is 1 out of 47 and this probability is based on the assumption that all the 108 tickets were sold.

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