Pournami Lottery RN-305 Results 17-9-2017: Kerala Lottery Results Live Today

Pournami Lottery RN-305 Results 17-9-2017: Kerala Lottery Results Live Today: -POURNAMI Lottery is one of the seven weekly lottery draws of Kerala State Lotteries. This lottery is a type of legitimate government betting or gambling, which is known for displaying numbers for awards. In fact, some government banned the lottery system while other governments favor it.

Pournami Lottery RN-305 Results

This lottery is drawn on Sunday of every week in Kerala, that is, today. The draw of Lottery will start at 3:00 PM and the official results will be published at 4:00 PM. The ticket MRP is only₹30 including GST and the lucky winner will win a huge amount of ₹6.5 million (₹65 Lakh).

The first prize of ‘POURNAMI RN-305’ Lottery draw is ₹65 lakhs and the consolation prize will be ₹10,000.

The players or customers who have bought the Pournami RN-305 Lottery Tickets can watch the live results on the Kerala State Lottery’s ‘POURNAMI’ Result portal.

How to check Pournami Lottery Results Online:

To check the draw for Pournami RN-305 Lottery Results, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Pournami Result Portal to check the Pournami RN-305 Lottery tickets updates online.
  2. There you can check the notification regarding Pournami RN-305 Lottery results.
  3. Go through the same and note the time at which the results of Pournami Lottery RN-305 are mentioned.
  4. Assure the Pournami RN-305 Lottery results by checking the date and series mentioned there.

Pournami RN-305 Result Details:

The winners of this lottery will win the prizes as follows:

1st Prize à₹6,500,000 /- (65 Lakh)


Consolation Prizeà ₹10,000 /-


2nd Prize à₹500,000 /- (5 Lakh)


3nd Prize à₹100,000 /- (1 Lakh)


4th Prizeà ₹5,000 /-


5th Prizeà ₹2,000 /-


6th prizeà₹1,000 /-


7th Prizeà ₹500 /-


8th Prizeà ₹100 /-

The Kerala Lottery Department is fully prepared to announce the Pournami RN-305 lottery results. Results for the draw on Sunday, September 17 will now be live.

The results of the Pournami RN-304 have been successfully drawn according to the plan. It is an RT AQS 252582 from an ALAPPUZHA agency, which has won 65 lakhs by winning the draws for the Pournami Lottery. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for the Pournami Bagyakuri for the draw which is around the RT 252582 lottery ticket. People can check the results of the lottery on the official portal of Kerala lottery Results or they can check the results by downloading the app also which is ‘Kerala Lottery’.

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