Pooja Bumper 2018 Lottery Result BR 64: Kerala Lottery Results Sale

Pooja Bumper 2017 Lottery Result BR 64: Kerala Lottery Results Sale: Live Results of Pooja Bumper 2018 lottery BR64 are published below, scroll down to check the result updates. Results of Pooja Bumper 2018 lottery BR58 will be available live from 2:30 pm today. The final results will be declared by 3:30 pm. If complete results are not updated or published below by 3:30 pm then kindly refresh the webpage and wait for the results to be updated. A small delay is encountered some time while the process of the draw. Kerala Lottery Results

Scroll Down to Check Live Result Updates of Pooja Bumper BR 64 2018 Lottery.

Live Pooja Bumper Lottery BR 64 2018 Wednesday

Those who are eagerly waiting for the live results of Pooja Bumper BR-64 2018 lottery may check the results online here. The draw of Pooja Bumper 2018 lottery will take place at Sree Chitra Auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram at 2:30 pm. And therefore live results of Pooja Bumper 2018 lottery will be available online and offline at the same time. That is, the result will begin to be published post 2:30 pm and the result will be updated completely by 3:30 pm today.

The Kerala Pooja Bumper Lottery is a yearly bumper lottery released on the occasion of Durga Pooja from the Kerala Lotteries Department. Its draw is generally conducted on Wednesday in November. Kerala Lottery Department has declared Rs. 40,000,000/- (4 crore) as the first prize amount for Pooja Bumper 2018. Also, the 2nd prize is set to Rs. 5,000,000/- (50 Lakh) which will be given to five winners individually. However, the price of Pooja Bumper 2018 lottery ticket is Rs. 150/- solely which is negligibly small in front of the top 2 winning prize amounts. So, if you have played the Pooja Bumper 2018 Br64 lottery then you can win these prizes and may embellish your life completely.

Pooja Bumper 2018 BR 64 Lottery Live Results

The live results and the prize structure of Pooja Bumper BR 64 are mentioned below:

1st Prize – ₹40,000,000 /- (4 crores) to one lucky winner.


Consolation Prize – ₹100,000 /- (1 Lakh)

2nd Prize – ₹5,000,000 /- (50 Lakh)




3rd Prize – ₹500,000 /- (5 Lakh)



4th Prize – ₹100,000 /- (1 Lakh)


5th Prize – ₹10,000 /-



6th prize – ₹5,000 /-


7th Prize – ₹1,000 /-



8th Prize – ₹500 /-



9th Prize – ₹200/-



Detailed prize structure and live Pooja Bumper lottery results are given above. Check the results and verify your results from the above list.

The Pooja Bumper BR-64 lottery result is prepared to be proclaimed live today, Wednesday. This result is going to be declared outside all the fourteen district lottery offices or agencies and on all the online media portals of Kerala State Lottery. It’s usual that the ultimate & complete result is going to be revealed by 3:30 pm.

The results of Pooja Bumper lottery draw is obtainable offline too, as usual, at all the lottery agencies. But everybody knows that there would be a huge rush and crowd outside the offices. And due to this, you will suffer there. So, the best way to apprehend the live results of Pooja Bumper 2018 BR-64 lottery is that occupy your home or work and check the results online on your mobile, P.C. or laptop. You may also install the mobile application of Kerala Lotteries on your mobile phones.

Stay tuned with ‘Kerala Lottery Results’ to get the latest and live result updates of Pooja Bumper 2018 BR-64 lottery.

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